Monday, March 3, 2014

I skipped February?  Well, I suppose that is easy to do considering it's a short month and for the half of it we were battling a pretty gross stomach bug in our house.  

In the midst of that Andrew clearly needed to see a doctor because his cough was pretty brutal.  I thought I had cured his ear infection with homemade garlic oil drops and pulsatilla.  Wrong!  We did a course of antibiotics and two nebulizer treatments. They recommended treatments every four hours but he really only needed it twice and I really hate giving western meds when unnecessary now.  The two doses he did get left him screaming for hours on end, bringing me back mentally to those days of his vax-injury fever.  Rough place to visit. 

We saw some really amazing gains last month with Andrew.  He's answering questions with a yes or no, almost always responds to his name, his eye contact and level of awareness, I would classify as typical now.  Or darn close.  It's amazing and I oscillate between being incredibly proud and enjoying each moment to being suuuuuuper hungry for more gains. 

Our genetic testing came back and to simplify: we are anxious to review with Dr. Gruber.  I clearly passed down the mthfr 1298 mutation, as all 3 have it (and do does my mother).  No one besides Andrew has the c677t.  He has a long, long list of mutations that I am anxious to learn more about. Ben has less of a list, and Ava even less complications.  This, at least, is good news.  But, with them both having the mthfr 1298c, I know for sure that any further vaccines are dangerous for any of them (not to mention, for me as well).  How different would our lives be if they did this kind of testing before vaccinating?  To identify the kids "at risk", like mine.  

Can't dwell. Can just use it to move forward and try to support his body's gene mutations as we can and restore good health for him.  For all 3 of them. 

In any case, I had a doc appt for myself at our old family doc two weeks ago.  End of February "have you had your flu shot yet this year?"   Absolutely not! "We will get you one today."  Absolutely not! It's the end of February and that shit is poison.  It is absolutely ridiculous.  The only people I know who got the flu this year, got the shot.   

Thankfully Andrew's new pedi office didn't even ask when we went in there.  I am taking that as a good sign.  His old doc thought it was a good idea to do their shots when he was sick because his immune system was "already working".  Asshole.  These new docs must actually read the science.