Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Andrew, as he is

First and foremost, a huge thanks to all of you for your contributions to Andrew's new SonRise program.   The Start up costs are all set now!  Further contributions will go toward my next trip to the Option Institute or supplies for his program.    Thank you thank you thank you.  We are overwhelmed by your support.  

Peace.  That's all I feel these days, peace.   Wow is it welcome after this year. 

One of the fundamentals that SonRise teaches is that you must come to a place where you accept your child, as he is, and love him totally.  Even if he were not to improve one little bit more.  Being 100% accepting of him as he is and content in it. 

That is pretty easy for me to do right now,  he is so awesome.  He hugs me spontaneously, he kisses.  He's so happy, aware, able...  

Could I have had this attitude before we did biomed?  Could I have accepted the little boy forever who was so unresponsive we thought he might be deaf? Who couldn't make eye contact or bear much touch?  I really don't know.  Thank God we found biomed and he has been so responsive to each and every intervention. 

My little boy. Such a sweet little boy who laughs and sings and is beginning to prefer people over objects, not just me, others! He is blossoming before my eyes.  He does new things every day that literally amaze us.  

So yes.  I am 100% able to stop fighting against myself and accept Andrew, my bright little sunshine, exactly how he is. To stop comparing and daydreaming of recovery. To live in the now with him and be fully present, accepting, and loving.  To celebrate whatever he does when he is surrounded with my attitude of total acceptance. 

It's been a year, it's hard to remember him as anyone who he is now, and I am choosing to be OK with that.  I am through grieving.  I am through with the anger and the sadness consuming me, literally around me like a dark cloud day in, day out. I am choosing to move forward.  

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Andrew's SonRise Program -- A Request

Family and friends, 

As you may be aware, our son Andrew was diagnosed with autism this last January.    Ever since, we have had him in full-time therapy with CT's Birth23 program.   He has been doing intensive ABA for six months without a single gain.  His therapists and I have spent many hours brainstorming and problem solving, but he remains resistant to ABA therapy. Without an effective therapy option, Andrews future ability to gain meaningful relationships and function to his highest capacity will be limited. 

We sought out other options (of which there are few, unfortunately), and we found what we believe will be a good fit for our family.   The program, called SonRise, is based on the philosophy of joining the child in HIS world, so then he might venture into ours with us.  It is a gentle, intuitive approach that we are very drawn to.  Even in using just some of the very basic techniques we are seeing wonderful rewards from our son.   Lindsey is going to the Son-Rise start up programOctober 6-11.  The high levels of success acquired by those who have done this program give us hope for Andrew's future. 

The problem is that to run a SonRise program for Andrew will cost several thousand dollars each year.  With Lindsey home with the kids, this would be a big challenge for our family.  The monthly costs for the biomedical supplements that have helped Andrews body and brain heal have made things tight.  While we believe in doing for ourselves, we also believe that our family and friends desire to see Andrew succeed as much as we do.  

We are asking, if you are able, please consider making a donation to Andrews SonRise program.  Every single cent donated will help fund his program.  Please do not feel obligated to donate if you are unable or uncomfortable in any way.   We do not wish to offend anyone with this request, or make you feel awkward. It is very difficult for us to humble ourselves to make this request.  

If you are able and willing, please consider forwarding this request to anyone who might be willing to help.  

We thank you, 

Lindsey and Michael Articolo

PayPal for Andrew's SonRise

Address: 3 Amaryllis lane, South Windsor, CT 06074

Phone: 860-648-9359

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Monday, August 5, 2013

What's Happening

After months of stressing because Andrew is resisting ABA therapy .... Hardcore resisting....  Shaking head no, signing "all done", saying "no,no, no, no, no!" Over and over.   And losing play skills when our primary goal has been to teach him to PLAY, we have had to make some tough decisions. 

Through my research, I found an alternative therapy to ABA.  Through fate, my sweet friend Eileen happened to know someone who has done the program. 

The rest was basically convincing Michael.   But it didn't take much, because there aren't a lot of choices, not good ones!!  We can continue forcing ABA down his throat and be stressed before, during , and after those many hours each week.... Or we could find something else. 

Our therapists are Angels.  They've supported me over this last year in ways you can't imagine unless you've been there. They are autism experts, they've worked with dozens and dozens of kids with special needs, and I have only ever known one: my son.  They've assured me and lifted me up day after day after day.  I adore each of these women, and it will be hard to say goodbye.  What they do for a living, it's a special calling, and you have to be a special person to do it. 

But it's time for something different for Andrew.   It's called SonRise.   The idea, very simplified, is that you must join the child in his world, build trust and love with intensity, and he will venture into your world with you. 

I know. Sounds a little kooky.  But if you spend any amount of time watching the videos of these therapists break through with these kids, you will believe.  

Many recover and go on to a life without autism. This therapy requires their brains. 

I go to the training in October.  More to come.