Sunday, August 11, 2013

Andrew's SonRise Program -- A Request

Family and friends, 

As you may be aware, our son Andrew was diagnosed with autism this last January.    Ever since, we have had him in full-time therapy with CT's Birth23 program.   He has been doing intensive ABA for six months without a single gain.  His therapists and I have spent many hours brainstorming and problem solving, but he remains resistant to ABA therapy. Without an effective therapy option, Andrews future ability to gain meaningful relationships and function to his highest capacity will be limited. 

We sought out other options (of which there are few, unfortunately), and we found what we believe will be a good fit for our family.   The program, called SonRise, is based on the philosophy of joining the child in HIS world, so then he might venture into ours with us.  It is a gentle, intuitive approach that we are very drawn to.  Even in using just some of the very basic techniques we are seeing wonderful rewards from our son.   Lindsey is going to the Son-Rise start up programOctober 6-11.  The high levels of success acquired by those who have done this program give us hope for Andrew's future. 

The problem is that to run a SonRise program for Andrew will cost several thousand dollars each year.  With Lindsey home with the kids, this would be a big challenge for our family.  The monthly costs for the biomedical supplements that have helped Andrews body and brain heal have made things tight.  While we believe in doing for ourselves, we also believe that our family and friends desire to see Andrew succeed as much as we do.  

We are asking, if you are able, please consider making a donation to Andrews SonRise program.  Every single cent donated will help fund his program.  Please do not feel obligated to donate if you are unable or uncomfortable in any way.   We do not wish to offend anyone with this request, or make you feel awkward. It is very difficult for us to humble ourselves to make this request.  

If you are able and willing, please consider forwarding this request to anyone who might be willing to help.  

We thank you, 

Lindsey and Michael Articolo

PayPal for Andrew's SonRise

Address: 3 Amaryllis lane, South Windsor, CT 06074

Phone: 860-648-9359

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