Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy and Hopeful

Today we had a MOMs group outing to a bounce place.  I have been so nervous about outings with the twins primarily because Andrew is a big wanderer, and usually tries to head out the exits at every opportunity.  Meanwhile, Ben loves to keep me in his sights, so he doesn’t get much playing done while we chase Andrew and try to redirect and engage, and it rarely happens.

Today though, was fantastic.  Yes, he wandered a little, but it was much more predictable and controlled.  He really seemed to enjoy being in the bounce houses and got in the groove of throwing balls with the other little kids.  Well, they were throwing them, the balls came back down, and he knocked them on the floor.  It worked.     Also, several times if Ben and Nonnie were playing somewhere else, Andrew went looking for them.  

It was like being with a different kid.   And following two days of really great eye contact and lots of smiles, and almost all totally-appropriate play,  I am nothing but hopeful.

So far, he’s gluten and casein free, has been on probiotics for 9 days, and tonight we start Epsom salt baths.  Every couple weeks we will start a new supplement or treatment or idea.   Therapy is also really helping me learn how to teach him to play appropriately (today, we worked on throwing balls). 

I’m very thankful for all of you who reached out to me publicly or privately after my first blog post.  Thanks for supporting us in this journey.


  1. Andrew did great today! I easily got eye contact and a smile out of him. Whenever I saw him, he was playing like all the other kids.

    1. I know!! He was like any other two year old - most of this week. It was awesome :)