Saturday, June 8, 2013

Every Day is his Best Day Ever

That's what's happening now.

Every day is Andrew's "Best day ever!". Every single day he's doing more, saying more, looking more, expressing more, laughing more. With every day that goes by we are getting closer to getting him back.

Look at these videos. He spent his afternoon today running back and forth through a sprinkler. No big deal for a two year old, right? Well, this two year old probably wouldn't have noticed a sprinkler two months ago. ANd he definitely would have spent his entire afternoon trying to escape from the yard. Today, he made a few halfhearted attempts, but mostly, he PLAYED.

And then, my friend Jen's cat, he kept trying to look into the cat's eyes, and laughed with glee.

That went on for ages. It never gets old to hear him laugh.

We got Andrew's lab tests back. Next week we go to the DAN for interpretation but preliminarily, he has two genetic mutations that are very very common in kids with autism. Indicates, as I've been saying all along, that he is having problems methylating, processing toxins.

Our whole family will have to be tested.

I'm so happy to have this major, major clue in working toward recovering him.

Focusing, hard, on the little victories that maybe aren't so little: Our Occupational Therapist not believing the changes in him in a two week period since she last saw him. His BCBA pronouncing how he's seemingly at a different level of awareness this week.

The smiles. Oh I am a sucker for that smile.

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