Friday, May 31, 2013


"Outside" he said to the therapist as she walked through the door today. "Outside!"

"Outside?" She asked Andrew. "We will go outside."  

And we did.  we went outside and hopped in the car and went to tour our police station with our local mom's club.  

Andrews communication has been so outstanding, we are all thrilled.

And then, he proceeded to cry, for the entire hour we were at the police station. You guessed it, he wanted to be "outside".  He cried so much his entire body was bright red, there were real tears coming out of his eyes, I had to use the tissue on his nose. 

I had nothing to distract him, nothing to make it better, because all he wanted was to go outside, and he can finally communicate that need to me, and he didn't understand why he didn't get exactly what he wanted. Because he's two.  

All of the  Autism moms have told me that tantrums will come, to expect this. But I didn't believe them, because Andrew has basically not cried since last summer. He doesn't care about anything enough to cry about it. Until this week.

So, how did I keep my cool for an hour of him crying? I guess because I can see the beauty in it?   Because all it is to me is progress?  To me it shows that his awareness of the world and his ability to communicate our growing, and that is what we are after.

But, A sincere apology to all of the moms and children who had to listen to it this morning!

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