Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New highs for Andrew, new heights of crazy for his mother.

With every day that goes by, we are reaching new highs in Andrew land.  His awareness is unbelievable. His eye contact, we couldn't ask for better.   He is communicating both verbally and nonverbally extremely effectively, and Is suddenly terribly motivated by a number of things, where before, he lacked almost any motivation.

Where before I made it occasionally thought, "what autism?", I now think that all the time. 

It's impressive.  It's ... Healing.  His body is healing, and his brain is able to work the way it should have been working all along. He is picking up where he left off at 15 months climbing all over the place like a monkey, babbling like crazy, singing happily, and lots of smiling.

I'm playing with his brother.  Melt my heart. I'm not sure who's happier about it me or Ben. 

He knows that a cow says moo, he knows " row row your boat " and the scream at the end. He has even Strung two words together.

So here we are, the road to recovery. And I am so glad that we found our path. So thankful that my boy is healing quickly.

I am working very hard to focus on every positive day, every positive interaction...

And yet, something inside me knows, that even once he is recovered, autism is going to be a major part of my life, forever.  

I know, that for whatever reason, we have been chosen to go forth and make sure that this happens to as few children, families in the future as possible.  Autism is treatable and preventable.

As true as Andrews healing is, so is that statement. Autism is treatable and preventable. This is my new truth.

The hours I spend with him in therapist, the hours I spend working tirelessly with him, the hours I spend researching, reading, highlighting.  It's going to count, and it's going to count for more than just Andrew. Not that he isn't enough. He is. Getting my son back is the only thing that matters anymore. But no one around me will have a child with autism and be able to say, "I wish I knew…" 

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