Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I've been hesitant to write, as a mom in my closest social circle is experiencing real and true tragedy in her life right now: The stuff nightmares are made of.   The stuff that makes me so thankful for what I have, and feel too guilty to complain about my whole and complete walking and talking sons.  And yet, I have to write, so here we go:

Ben had his 6 month IFSP review done today, and he met every single speech and language goal we set for him. Hooray!   He needs an OT consult, and there's a lot of work to be done with our guy to get him to where he should be, but his development is exploding, and I am not worried about him.

Andrew's IFSP was re done yesterday, not because he's been on this plan for six months, but because the therapists are changing the hours on me  - which I am mostly OK with.  Taking some away, adding more.  I love his whole team right now, so I am very comfortable with the changes.  I just wish there was a way to have one of them here with me all day long!    Andrew had met several goals on his IFSP, ahead of schedule, and that was thrilling to see!

So, with the Generation rescue grant, Andrew is currently on:
- daily multivitamin
- daily probiotic
- 1 digestive enzyme per meal
- fish oil
- vira stop (as of tomorrow).
- Calms 4 Kids tablets at night

He has an epsom salt bath every night and castor oil rubbed on his stomach every night in a clockwise circular motion.

I have a chart on my fridge to ensure that I don't miss anything.

Since the beginning of the Grant, we've seen huge improvements, as I've mentioned before.
But this last week we are definitely seeing some huge sensory regressions: Toe walking, tons and tons of stimming.  

Trying to figure out the source, but it may just be another little phase.

Seeing the DAN doc was thrilling for me, particularly having read everything she recommended we read, and doing things we already do.   However, a new thing in our home since the DAN doc is we are now going organic!

Signed the form this week to release Andrew's records to the school district.   I did this without hesitation.   He will, no doubt, require extra help 11 months from now.  With Ben we have some time, though I will probably release all his stuff too. 

I don't even want to think about school for my babies!

Oh!  And the fence!  After an extremely contentious phone call with a board member the day before the HOA meeting, the meeting was still pretty darn climactic.  Debate over whether autism is a mental or physical disability, whether I'll start a daycare once I have a fence, whether our homeowner's insurance will cover renegade children sledding down the hill into our fence.    But, many neighbors came, and we got the approval!   It wasn't exactly unanimous, but it was uncontested when the vote went up.

Little victories.

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