Thursday, November 14, 2013

SonRise and Biomed - November's Update

With two deaths in our family, the trip to SonRise, then a house of sick people, one right after the other, we were a bit delayed beginning Andrew's SonRise program.  

Now that we are in the swing of things, it's looking different than I had anticipated, but it's more beautiful than I could have hoped for.  The friends of ours who have graciously given of their time each week to make this commitment to our sweet boy? Amazing.  For all the BAD in the world I have learned about this year, I swear there's ten times as much GOOD surrounding my family.  

Andrew has had many miracle moments in these last weeks.  He's gravitating away from his stop signs (!!!!!!) and toward blocks, puzzles, and shapes. He is interested in exploring all different toys and objects, independently or when presented with the item.   He vocalizes constantly.   He is sleeping better.  He shared a toy with one of his volunteers.  He climbed on his sister's lap. He reached up to me to be lifted from his crib. Major, mini miracle moments.  Those are what we live for in this house.  

We saw a new DAN doc who does homeopathy.  We are attributing many of these gains to these interventions. Vaccine clears.  High folate.  Very exciting stuff. 

It's so interesting, when you go see a mainstream doctor, all allopathoc medicines and interventions are tauted.  Declining vaccines or other interventions is strongly frowned upon.   And then you go see a DAN or naturopath, and it's common knowledge that vaccines are damaging and antibiotics too.  So you worry about being judged for DOING these things.     But this doctor was totally accepting and zen and I was very comfortable with her. 

So life keeps moving forward here, day by day, exploring SonRise therapy, administering supplements, loving our special moments with our sweet boy, and holding faith for his future. 

We have a PPT with the school coming up right after the holidays.  With my awesome therapists in my court and a wonderful SonRise program at home, I am not the least bit concerned or worried about this.  Anyone who knows me personally is going "wow" right now, because worry was my favorite hobby. THANK YOU OPTION INSTITUTE!  I can actually mentally choose to not physically worry.   Wow!  Is there a greater gift an autism mom could have???

I can get in discussions about autism with people from all walks and thoughts, and my blood pressure remains stable.  Lol!  I can walk away from debate, inform without fear, or converse with ease on the topic of vaccines.   My whole life has changed.  

So in a nutshell, our update is this: thank you for helping me get to SonRise, because even though Andrew is still recovering from his vaccine injury, I have recovered from mine.  

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