Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 17

This week marks our one year autism anniversary.  Just as on the day of diagnosis, there will be no tears or sadness.   But for entirely different reasons.  On his day of diagnosis, I was all cried out. We needed the label to have access to services.  It didn't mean anything.  I had cried for months about losing the Andrew I knew.  I don't have to tell you about my intense grief -- you already read it. 

Today, a year later, there are no tears because I am content.  I have learned that autism isn't a life sentence.  I have learned so much to help Andrew's symptoms, there are days he hardly seems fitting of the diagnosis.  Today I celebrate so much of my life because the people in it , those there before and now these amazing friends I have met since, are gifts I wouldn't have otherwise.   My marriage has never been stronger.  My outlook has never been more positive.  I celebrate each day and little progression so much, nothing goes unnoticed, which is a pretty awesome way to spend my days.  Celebrating my kids and our steps forward. 

On this 1-year anniversary of autism I am thankful we are on the road to recovery.   His ATEC (evaluation to determine severity of affliction) was 106 a year ago (anything over 104 is severe ), and today it's 35.    And that means on his 2 year anniversary of diagnosis, he could easily be recovered.  

Well, not easily.  It's a crapload of work.  The research hours, the food, the supplementation, the therapy and the attitude take a toooooon of work. 

But a medically healthy boy at the finish line?  I would do it for my whole life if I had to. 

And I am discovering, meanwhile, that I have a crazy powerful mind.  The more often I am in my attitudinal best zone, the cooler my life becomes.  Parking spaces open up for me. A card comes on the mail or a beautiful message from a dear friend is posted in my Facebook wall.  My favorite song comes on the radio.  Children obey. God, the universe, call it what you want, it's all the same, delivers gifts to those whose eyes and hearts are open to receiving them. It's a really cool place too be. And it's what I strive to be in daily. 

I am back on the diet and exercise regimen I was on before autism came.  It's so easy compared to the first time.  I know where I am headed and what it takes to get there.  

All from an autism diagnosis, one year ago this week. 

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