Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The healing power of homeopathy

So, Andrew got sick the Sunday after Christmas.  The stomach bug that lasted five/six days. It was really rough.  By the end, our guy was pretty weak and very tired.  Within a few days of his recovery, though, we began to notice he wouldn't walk.  He was parked on the couch or clinging to us til we held him. He was incredibly wobbly when we put him in the middle of the room, could barely make it to the couch.  Poor boy.

His SonRise sessions occurred on his volunteers laps.

I started to worry, we had a naturopath appt scheduled but it kept getting moved due to a burst pipe in her new office.  As we approached two weeks of him not walking, I was extremely concerned.

On Monday we finally went to our DAN/ND.  I relayed the story above to her, and she smiled and said, easy! He needs pulsatilla!    

I had pulsatilla in my cabinet. We use it to ward off colds and for Bens extraordinary clinginess/shyness when it gets bad.  We popped two in Andrews mouth and the appointment continued.

I carried him out to the waiting room and went for his coat and was paying, and he was gone!!! He had run down the hall to his doctor's office.  Ha!! It works quickly!

We had to re- dose him yesterday again, but today he is up on his feet like nothing ever happened.

Next on my "to become an expert in" list, homeopathy. 

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