Saturday, March 2, 2013


This week, I shared that video of Andrew with the therapists that came to the house.
They couldn't believe it was such a recent video.   They see the signs, same as us, but he was so engaged in talking with me, it's stunning.

They say, just as I feel, the fact that he wasn't gone very long is going to work in our favor.

Initially, when we got the Birth to Three referral for the boys, we waited a really long time (almost a month) for their assessment.  Almost a month again for an IFSP.  Finally, I switched agencies.

When our first therapist came out, I had a little boy who would barely look at me.  He wouldn't let me read to him, he wouldn't sit on my lap for long. He wouldn't let me help him do puzzles.  He wouldn't let us sit in our dining room chairs.  He was basically just a shadow of who he had been and he was pretty unreachable.

That was the day after Christmas.  So just two months later, I've got a little boy who will make eye contact much more frequently, who loves to sing with me, loves being read to, loves playing with me and Ben.    He's definitely still autistic, but there's so much to celebrate:  He is in there, and he's coming out more every single day. 

The therapists say it's good that we recognize that and celebrate every little progress.  And I really can, because it impacts every minute of our lives together here, whether or not he'll look at me!  But there are moments, I just want him well NOW.  But it's only been two months.  We are on the fast track to wellness, and we'll get there.

So far, it's been the GFCF diet that's made the biggest change in him.    We started probiotics and epsom baths.  I think I'm seeing some nice changes from the baths but it's hard to say.  Not sure what I'm doing next: probably fish oil.  Any thoughts?

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  1. Find a doctor who welcomes integrative medicine, ideally a MAPP doctor (but the one in Indy is closed to new patients). I'm winging it on my own research and recommendations from other parents. Currently we are using digestive enzymes, therapeutic pro-b's, zinc, and 5-HTP. We also recently starting experimenting with essential oils, and have also begun Epsom baths - I'm not sure I see any physical response to the baths, but he surely loves them and is so relaxed and funny and easy going afterwards, so there is something there. You are doing great - love you, sister! Michelle