Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This new world

This new world we live in is crazy.

A few months ago, air freshener was air freshener, vaccines were necessary evils, and M&Ms were great potty training candies.

This world I live in now is terrifying.

Not only is every single food a potential allergen issue for my sweet boy, but I worry about it being lesser so for my other two.

Food dyes.  In EVERYTHING.  Easter this weekend.
Vaccines harm babies, give them encephalopathy, autism, and can even kill them - SIDS.

Plastic is full of toxins. Microwaves are the devil.  My fruits, vegetables, whole grains have to be organic and gluten free and even then, it's questionable.

Even the freaking lightbulbs!  The mercury in the lightbulbs!    The chemicals in the town pool this summer!  And the sunscreen!   The shampoo in his hair, the lotion I rub on him, the laundry detergent I wash his clothes in.

I used to not care when my babies dug around in the dirt and got messy and smelled and tasted and explored.  

Now i have to worry about pesticides.  My neighbors lawn treatments.

Now I'm just positively terrified.

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  1. Hugs mommy, you will find a new sense or semblance maybe of peace in time I know. Keep learning & exploring the new reality and remember that taking a break from aspects of that increasing knowledge base research is important too. You need time and sometimes a lot of time to process & digest the info too. And it's not only okay but extremely important to take them.