Monday, March 11, 2013

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready for Spring.

We drove to Schenectady to see Mike's Gram this weekend, and the last time we'd driven to her house was Thanksgiving weekend: When we thought Andrew was deaf.   The waves of terror and anguish I was feeling in November came back over me as we pulled up her driveway.

A hell of a winter. A long and short winter, of waiting: for tests, diagnoses, changes, improvements.

Spring is coming, though.

Today I put the boys in the backard swings, and had to adjust the straps, as they'd grown so much.  All I kept thinking was, the last time I put you guys in here, the word "autism" wasn't even part of our world, wasn't even anywhere on our radar.  Sweet blissful ignorance!

Andrew is doing better every day, still.  Knock on wood, we've kept him from getting sick for almost a month now, so just one period of regression in the last two months, which has enabled him to make huge strides.  SO much smiling, singing, learning to play with Ben.  There are a lot of moments in every single day where I think "what autism?" 

Today was a marathon day of therapy.  We have a lot more like this coming, and he handles it better than I do!  I'm so tired. 

Today we started Fish Oil.  Words are coming, I hope! 

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