Friday, March 15, 2013

Slightly stressed

We all go through it, it's not just for special needs.

We all want what's best for our kids and to set them up for their best possible futures.

When Ava was a baby/toddler, etc, I had no choice but to work, so she was in daycare.  She thrived on structure, as she lived it.    She was very social and used to group activities, and all of that.

The boys aren't.  Yes, they are absolutely socialized, they are used to playing with other kids of various ages on playdates.  But beyond a general schedule of how the day goes, there isn't much structure to their days.

As such, their therapist thinks that since they will need to begin special ed when they turn three.  Well, maybe not they, maybe just Andrew, but I am guessing they'll both qualify, that we need to slowly and surely get them used to class and structured settings.   It makes sense.   Slowly take more classes so in a year, they are fine with being in school full time.

Gosh, what 3 year old should be in school full time, when he has a mom at home who would rather play with him all day?   I just don't get it.

I guess I am questioning whether the slow pulling apart from mom needs to happen already.  Andrew  is incredibly attached to me: I get 90% of his smiles and interest and eye contact and love.  Isn't there something to the fact that he needs me?

Would I be doing him a huge disservice by not starting him in full time special ed preschool?!

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